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Weingut Habsburg

Weingut Habsburg
This house embodies the dream of fine wine, reinforced by the tradition and strength of its patron Maximilian Habsburg-Lothringen. During his formation at Salzburg’s Schloss Klessheim Palace he first became acquainted with oenology, and the potential that it might offer. From there, that acquaintance developed into a consummate passion and sporned his vision to one day produce his own – a wine unrivalled in taste and quality – and that Maximilian Habsburg-Lothringen himself would be proud to extend to his own guests. In 2007, he debuted his first red wine, aged in barrique, and in 2010 his first white, a Grüner Veltliner.

A rarity without parallel

Eleven acres of lovingly curated vineyards yield an exclusive quantity that is just enough for those who genuinely seek perfection to sample. Each bottle is a personal opus in oenological beauty, and guarantees profound inimitabilit.

Lees is more

Maximilian Habsburg-Lothringen attaches great significance to the sustainable management of resources and maintaining the ecological culture that empowers his vineyard. Grapes are carefully selected in order to prove the superlative character of his wines; two-thirds are discarded in order to procure the very finest results in quality and taste. The grapes are picked by hand, and vinified with great experience and state-of-the-art cellar technologies. The very sensitive and sophisticated assemblage of the cuvée has been, is now, and forever will be a personal commitment of Maximilian Habsburg-Lothringen.

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